13 March 2010

i want to be ....

On a lazy afternoon sitting in the cozy cane chairs in our college library, we were going over the magazines and papers saw that Morgan Freeman had just bought a private jet worth 36 Crore rupees for himself. One of my friend remarked ' I wish my name was Sunil Nusserwanji Tata ' another said ' I wish i would have still been a maharaja of my now erstwhile kingdom'.
I was trying to think about whom i would want to be ... with every name i thought of, there was some struggle involved in early days, or some problems associated with the present. Few were born with a platinum spoon and just got to chill all their lives... if they did they turned out to be psychos like Uday and Qusay Hussein. Can I conclude that human lives are ephemeral and are condemned to Sisyphus like endeavors?
I can’t refrain from quoting Tyler Durden ‘Our lives are devoid of any passion, no great war, no great depression to fight, our lives are our great depression …. When I look at the clock, I see my life ending minute by minute’.

Then it just struck me … What if im not a human being … I wouldn’t like to be time, because it’s a mute spectator doing nothing, not beginning anywhere, and not seeming to end any time sooner!
I wish I am God.
I would enjoy looking at the world. Look at how tensed you people get at silly things, how you undermine yourselves in things you could have done very easily. How you give up before even taking a start. How you resign to your fate without putting a fight.
How fragile egos rupture longstanding relationships. How you dream about a million things and complain you don’t have them, instead of taking a tiny step towards achieving them. How you are prisoners of what you perceive are your limitations.
It would be like watching 6 Billion movies together … on a giant screen! I can even change the stories in the middle if they get boring. I would enjoy putting twist endings and laugh at the exasperated expressions on your faces. I would enjoy putting tiny obstacles in your paths and smile at seeing you give up so easily.
It would be funny to see some of you doubt my existence, some fighting in my name about things I never said, defending the faith they themselves they don’t have. It would be amusing to see some of you taking pride in believing that they don’t need me. At the same time it would be sad to see people reposing total faith in me without caring to put their own efforts, don’t they still understand that I let people do what they want, intervening rarely if ?
I wouldn’t need to worry about pleasing anyone, putting up a fake smile; I would simply make people I don’t like disappear. After all ... I’m god! The infinite power wouldn’t be too bad either, cause who will complain even if im infinitely corrupt! :p
It would be great fun to be god … coz it would FEEL LIKE GOD!

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