28 April 2006

quote a quote.

: "'Remember that what's right isn't always popular... and
what's popular isn't always right.'"

24 April 2006

truly unbelievable !!

its just about the recent movie i saw " schindlers list" . amazing would rather be an understatement , but that was kinda expected from spielberg..... though it was shot in b& w and is 3 and half hours long, each moment of it is gripping .
i was reading about the jews in encarta about their history , they were probably thrown out of every possible place , well they did a mistake instead of going to poland they mustave fled to india like the parsees , atleast they wudn't have been murdered in millions. but the sheer fact that 60 lakh ppl were killed in a span of just 4 years is staggering .

they were kicked out of their home byt the babylonians first and their city was destroyed ( to remember this tragedy the jews crush a glass object when they marry , to resemble the demolition of their first temple of solomon) . then the roman emperor drove them out , they settled in various places like spain , france etc, but even there they were not in peace and they were banished (!yes!) by the self proclaimed civilised nation - britain. they had somewhat peace in spain before they persecuted there too by king ferdinand and queen isabella. they migrated in large numbers and concentrated in poland . and then .......... started the largest and worst genocide in history of mankind , by adolf hitler.

the way the protagonist of the movie- oskar schindler saves 1100 jews , at his personal risk and cost of millions of duetsche marks was moving .

we need such exmplary people in todays world too , hatred still at large in the balkans , in palestine, and of course in india peninsula.

we ppl claim to be civilised and educated and still dont give a damn for human lives( look at iraq!) . we shud atleast change now and learn to co-exist in peace .

p.s- please leave the jews in peace atleast now . the arabs shud learn to live with them.

13 April 2006

a record of its own sort....

this time in our col (thats b.i.t mesra ) there are probably maximum number of people who got calls from the gr8 and gr8 b schools and many have act converted them . most probably ( one's waitlisted) there will be 2 guys going to iim b and two to f.m.s delhi, and myself im still hanging on a waitlist in x.l.r.i.................

iimb .... perhaps it's what a lakh dream about every year and a lakh dont even dream of , one of my frenz remarked as it being harvard of india , wudnt be an exaggeration considering its only iim with international presence now.

perhaps its thanx to the over the top salaries the ppl got this year in the indian b schools mba is back with a bang louder than ever before , a crore rupees for an year . if it was me i would work like hell for an year and then happily retire and go globe trotting.
the hype has really got intense now , i was in a bus to my col and i heard two guys talking ' yaar ye isb mein admission kaise hota hai' i cudnt help but smile ... now mba has become an obvious destination for young india.

09 April 2006

its about me ....

though i belong to vizag i have been travelling throughout india since my father has a transferable job with canara bank... i spent my initial years of schooling in hyderabad then moved to the city of the taj. staying in agra gave me a chance to visit all the places of mughal influence . funny it seems now that in distant past , a nomadic tribe captured the seat of power in delhi for centuries together only to be dislodged by another foreign power , imperial one this time . indian past is a classic example of "divided we fall" , and divided we fell not once but again and again ... india they say is the only country not to have made an agression on any other country in some 10,000 years or so... the position of our country is so favorable that we never needed to look out for anthing , we had most fertile of the soils and also abundantly blessed with minerals ( not uranium though im talking about past if u have noticed....hehe) . this also sortof explains our population which till recently was considered a liability is now turning into our asset and a liability to other countries population ( in bpo's if u dont get it)

04 April 2006

hello ,

this is about me k.k kishore just penning down my feelings and sortof my story . a good read i promise if u r getting bored with nothing to do.

this being my first blog is only to experiment .......