05 January 2009

Is Israel doing to Gaza what Hitler did to them ?

Few radical islamists fire ineffective rockets into Israeli cities and they retaliate by pounding their buildings with 1 ton bombs !! Now whom do we support and whom do we don't ?

Though i am an Indian citizen, i have been following the whole issue of Israel - Palestine. I have neutral views and have no incentive in being biased towards any community. If we look without pre knowledge at the two pics above, we can't distinguish which pic belongs to Israel and which to Gaza. Human suffering knows no boundaries, nor religion.

Palestine problem:
If the poverty levels are high, if people have no incentive to work, or engage in economically productive activities, if they have no food to eat, if they cant secure the lives of their families, if they are dominated and bullied by powerful countries ....

They are bound to retaliate in the means they can, they would risk their lives to inflict maximum damage to their enemies.... simply because they have nothing else to do . Because their lives are worth 100 gms of lead or one explosion. When they know that they are going to die anyway ... why will they not risk their lives . This is the prime reason which drives people to suicide squads!

Israel Problem:
The suffering Jews went through in holocaust, their identity crisis and not having a country of their own gives strong enough reason for people to keep fighting. David Ben Gurion had once said " Hang on to Jerusalem with the tip of your teeth ! ". The ideology still persists and will always.
When their cities are pounded with enemy rockets, when their very right to existence is denied, when unexpecting citizens waiting for a bus are blown away by a mindless fidayeen , they are bound to use all their military might to secure the lives of their citizens.

It is foolish on Palestine's part to deny the existence of Israel, and to hope tp drive out all the Jews from Palestine. 'They are here to stay ! '.

It is equally foolish on part of Israel to think that they can continue killing palestinians every time there are attacks on their cities. They would simply be re-doing what Adolf Hitler did to them in Holocaust - "Killing innocent people just because he had the power and might to do so"

Most of the problems in the world have either religious or political motives. But the solution can be economic.

Israel should help a democratic government setup in Palestine. They should create employment opportunities for the young men and take their attention away from Jihad. They should be able to provide for their families. First signal Israel can send, is by helping food supplies reach Palestine and help reconstruct all the buildings they have blown up.

Go the Gandhi way - answer with peace and respond unilaterally to Hamas i.e with no pre-conditions.

It is said in Ramayana that " The greatness of Lord Rama is not in his strength or prowess in using arms, but in his restraint in not using them". It will take some sacrifice on some one's part, and SOME ONE must make it. For lasting peace. It is always better is the stronger one does it.

Hamas / Fatah / PLO whould respond to these moves with honest motives. This is one historic opportunity and they would be betraying future generations of peaceful life if they don't do so.
They should not use this chance to pile up arms but better their economy and pave way for eternal peace.

I will end with a Gandhian quote " An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind !".

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti hi !