31 May 2006

quote a quote again!!

i read this in the fms brochure cover page and (dont laugh) but was one of the main reasons for me to apply for it.now thanx to arjun singh i have no realistic chance of making it with hardly 10 seats for gen category. still the quote now.....

every morning a gazelle wakes up , it knows that it must run faster than the fastest lion
every morning a lion wales up, it knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle
but no matter who you are
when the dawn breaks , you better be running.

may be i read sm inner meaning in it which mite not be there, still it was gr88

27 May 2006


it is good actually once in a while to do nothing .
they say that sm guy called Newton got the idea about a force that sucks ......... ya gravity , when he was enjoying his holidays from the university due to the plague which had suddenly erupted over europe...... im still waiting for any such brilliant idea. after my various sttempts to do any " constructive work " went sour, i settled down to spending my hols in the traditional way.

and one good thing about ranchi is the climate, this time it is amazing with rains almost everyday like the scottish climate, ( dont mind the exaggeration!) and thankfully the rains are a welcome respite to the farmers after the continous famine like conditions.

with some of my frenz already earned the professional tag, im waiting for mine .....

20 May 2006

20 constructive things to do in vacation

well 3 summer vacations have gone by at b.i.t and they were pretty long ........ 2 months
there was always heavy duty palnning, some wanted to learn programming
some hardware.

but two months were rtoo long to do nothing and too short to do anything really. so the days were spent infront of the idiot box or the stupid box. the afternoons were too hot to go out and the evenings too tempting to hangout at theatre or sm shopping mall.
now this is the last vacation probably when i hafta do nothing , really nothing.
just came back home with baggage both emotional and material.last two days were spent at yellow saphire and c.c.d, both time and money seem glide past by you , though the ambience is the only thing ppl go there for, u come out feeling a bit lighter in pocket and mind. what a plce to gossip wid frenz and if u r meeting them for last time..........

today we were searching a place to learn french , we searched ranchi high and low, there was one palce but the course starts when my vacation ends .......... so ruled out

then we went to icici to open a demat account but they need a pan number to open it .......... it takes 15 days to get it .............. so thats on hold now......

gosh luks like this summer 's not gonna be different from the last ones

for next 18 tips call me and ask .

07 May 2006

i am an engineer now!!

it all began six years ago. the dream of becoming an engineer began with the iits, those days were gruelling in 11th and 12th , but on the altar of a secure future the early teens were sacrificed , there was practically nothing but preparing for jee , that was a destiny i had chosen for myself , because i used to fancy engineers as ppl who do hi fi technical stuff.........like inventing something new or designing new processors or something..... after those entrance exams sucked half the life out of me ,

finally got into b.i.t mesra and before i knew four years flied past me , now im looking at the countdown with 1 on it.......... the last step of being an engrr -my project will be done, and i will be gone from b.i.t mesra -alma mater.

everything is fresh in my mind ,
wish life could just rewind,
let's laugh , play, and rejoice,
once again become college guys.

04 May 2006

age of empires...

age of empires is one of the most addictive i have played. we started playing this on lan last month and we have spent countless days and nights on it, usually the game extends hours together depending on the teams or the civilisations they chose.there were instances when we actually forgot to sleep( during holi hols) and instances when we missed having food in the mess, even our end sem exams could not dampen our enthusiasm and we manage to take out time for the game, the completion of the syllabus is but a secondary issue.

the regular warriors are:
manish dhelia aka xenom( mr.enthusiast- he is game for the game anytime of the day)
dharmesh meena aka kratos( baadshah- we r still trying to find ways to defeat him)
shishir tiru aka morgue man( tyro turned virtuoso)
pratik choudhuri aka zion( only one who can challenge meena in a duel)
shabda aka die slowly love(well the king visits but rarely)
prasun aka sabre truth( abhi abhi khelna seekha hai)
swaraj aka sword

and last but certainly not the least k(ami) k(aze) -------- yours truly.

the first game on lan was palyed between me and shabda,but with 12 days left to go from b.i.t , i believe this is one of the last oppurtunities we have, to play this game on lan.

we'll of coz chreish these battles ( the other ppl in lobby will too , they will vouch for it... hehe)