27 October 2006

abu salem contesting in u.p !!!!!!

i cant even believe this even while im typing it ...... abu salem is contesting the u.p elections

those who still cant believe it :

the bugger who was behind the mumbai bomb blasts , who was the cause of death of so many indians ..... who is facing somthing close to death sentence for his anti- national activities is about to contest elections in the u.p .....!!!

i dont know if its ridiculous but its certainly DISGUSTING !!
the very idea of abu salem in gandhi topi and khadi , canvassing in the streets of U.P is revolting.

it seems he already has the backing pf shiv sena and now even mulayam sing h is about to support him . the indian police had a helluva time trying to get him extradited to india from portugal ...and now abu salem must be having quite a laugh , as they will be the ones assigned to protect him once he's sworn in as the m.l.a.....
i can't imagine which way we are going having people like rajju bhaiya and abu salem as our representatives ...

i have only one plea to the supreme court... please save a billion people from embarrassment , and a lot more things and kindly put a stop to this outrageaous idea. hang him before it gets out of the hand and inspires other gangsters

well going by our track record ... we have sent people like phoolan devi, rajju bhaiya and many more to the l.s and r.s .... so perhaps even abu salem !!

so DAWOOD please dont come to india - these people might make you our prime minister .....
then we all have the only option of mass rebellion or mass suicide..

blogger solidarity ...

amnesty international has asked the bloggers to show their solidarity and support in favour of freedom of speech on the net,

ofcourse its one of the most fundamental rights we are entitled to .....

for more on it please hit the link below:


23 October 2006

diwali !!!!

diwali , deepawali - the indian festival of sounds and lights.

It is celebrated to mark the end of the demon mahishasura in the hands of goddess durga and hence reiterates that good always triumphs , also emphasizes the power of the female form of energy . also goddess lakshmi is prayed to these days ,who is the goddess of fortune and wealth . since diwali is associated with burning of crackers and stuff it has been one of my favourite festivals since child hood.

nasdaq celebrates diwali . i was glad to look at that headline in the newspaper . but on the other hand i was surprised to see that year after year the intensity of celebrations have been on the decreasing note. the reasons can be many like : decreasing interest of the ppl in general , drastically increased prices of the crackers in particular and the inflation in general . since the basic commodities have become high priced the crackers are now perhaps falling under the category of luxury. and surprisingly i have seen more people leaving it on the reasons like pollution - sound and air , and child labour.

yes the pollution issue has always been there , its surprising how people have become so aware of it suddenly . the high decibel crackers are dangerous esp to the elderly and kids. there has been a govt regulation this time about the level of decibels in the crackers but its not easy to implement this kind of regulations.

the issue of child labour is actually two headed . children are employed in places liek sivakasi which are famous for the cracker industry . working under such hazardous conditios can be lethal for kids, and in one way the wide spread rejection of such crackers maybe helpful. but there is the argument that in such conditions atleast the kid is able to earn some money rather than being straved to death and we're snatching the only means of livelihood without showing them a way out . whatever the reasons be, though there must be a restrictio on the kind of crackers and the decibel levels , its fun at the end of the day .. so have a happy n safe diwali !!

or perhaps i've just grown up and people around me too have , and just lost interest in crackers !! ;-)

16 October 2006

the RDB phenomenon....

Rang de basanti ...............

Now its been close to some 8 months since its been released and i think this movie really deserves a mention .... it has rightly been selected for the oscars ..... but.........

Are the oscars overhyped and is it only the media which gives it larger than life image . duz it really deserve this much attention ?

May be in a way its big since its where all the cinema of the world come together on one stage and hence they get a chance to be appreciated and criticised by global audience and ....
also the well deserved publicity which they might not otherwise get. But on the other hand how well can the western audiences appreciate the actual meaning and the emotional content of the movies produced outside the u.s ....

i think in most of the cases they are overlooked.
Since different societies have different triggers .
Different things make them cry and
still different things make them laugh , things which are funny in one country may be sacrilage and blasphemy in others ... and since they are supposed to be watched either the translated versions or with subtitles the actual feelings may not be conveyed as effectively....

last but not the least.... the oscars seem to be governed by the general mood and sentiment of the american population , for eg: is there is a major war going on now the anti war movie seems to be bagging all the awards , and if the debate going on is about the gay issue.... broke back mountain is the winner......

so should we crib about not winning an oscar.... while winning one certainly be appreciated.

there s' a gud quote though :
' Nobody says " it's just a game ! " when THEY are on the winning side ..'

; -)

i'll finish by the quote with which RDB starts ....

jo khoon ab khaul na utthe , khoon nahi woh paani hai.
jo desh ke kaam na aaye , bekaar wo jawani hai .

this quote has an electrifying effect , and has for sure made a change in the way i think . lets see if we can really make a difference. wishing the RDB all the best... adios ,amigo.

10 October 2006

world politks

the world politics have interested me , bored me but what they never failed to do was to amuse me. consider the recent nukes test by north korea ....

all the nations which were among the first to condemn the tests are the very nations who sit upon the largest stockpiles of nuclear arsenal . i have never been able understand on what moral grounds does u.s ask for sanctions against other nations when it has conducted the largest number of tests for deadliest weapons.

and the most surprising was the acerbic statement by india- how can they forbid what they themselves did, - start an arms race in the subcontinent even though for its own safety . the only answer possible is - it wants tot please th U.S so tht its nuclear deal is not in jeopardy .

considering other fronts also ....
the U.S carries out the largest researches for environment pollution , it has largest number of environmentalists and yet its the largest producer of greenhouse gases even though it has a smaller %age of the population. here again the bigshot industrialists of the u.s rule.

so in the end who is it that rules the world - ( its not the U.N even kindergarten kids would know tht )

finally it all boils to the U.S voters - and the populist politics in u.s and sometimes dangerously - the whims and fancies of their president . who in an instant can finish a full fledged country and eliminate millions on the grounds that they MAYBE terrorists and a threat to the American population.

Bush said " u r either with us or against us"..... for the rest of the world its a choice worser the choice between the DEVIL and the DEEP BLUE SEA.