26 August 2007

Terror strikes Hyderabad – at its heart!!


On a cool Saturday evening... As People were relaxing after the weekdays.. Terror strikes Hyderabad – at its heart!!

Lumbini park is a park located at the heart of the city..at a stones throw from the Government secretariat situated beside the picturesque Hussein Sager lake … as people were enjoying the laser show at the park a place which is frequented by the kids and families … there was an explosion which ripped apart the bodies of the victims ..

Neo gel90 they say has been used by the terrorists for the bombs.. But what the hell matters…
Who in their sane minds would harm the innocent families strolling in the park on a weekend … and what purpose does it serve …!! There was a reign of terror as everyone was at a loss of what had happened … ironically as the statue of Lord Buddha – a symbol of peace , was overseeing the park

And it's been less than 100 days since the outrageous bombing of the Mecca Masjid in the old city .. and as usual the police have been unsuccessful in nailing the culprits and well here are they .. blowing up weekend crowds .

Hyderabad’s take a delight in the food …and samosas and chat are welcome anyday anytime.. and not surprisingly the Gokul Chat in Koti which is a major marketplace in Hyderabad … is thronged by people on weekdays and weekends alike …
Its heavily crowded with people waiting for their turns... Then exactly at 7:40 PM i.e 10 mins after the Lumbini park blasts .. a bomb exploded killing instantly all the people inside … the cycle ball bearings which were used along with the explosives , are said to travel at speeds of around 8000 miles per hour … they struck a passerby .. Killing him instantly…

Well the deserted roads and closed cinema halls showed that the miscreants have been successful in striking terror …. Even the city buses which are normally overloaded were quite empty … now people will , for some time to come , shudder thinking about a stroll at a park or even to go to a cinema hall where 2 bombs were found and diffused..

Our minister for home -Shivraj Patel remarked that “ours is such a big country that even if we have intelligence then we do not know where and how “ ..
My suggestion to you minister is if YOU do not have the intelligence of how and where.. I suggest you step down and make way for some one more efficient.. it’s the lives of the people which are concerned !! How can you make such an irresponsible statement!.

Tomorrow BJP is organizing a bandh.. As to what purpose.. I do not know and our former CM will organize a bandh day after tomorrow as he was quite busy with the lavish wedding of his son today ..
hmmm well he is busy today but he will take out some time to organize a bandh for us day after tomorrow .. Thank you sir for your concern!

Im not quite optimistic whether these terror attacks will cease.. not only in India … elsewhere too … and I have no idea what will satiate the Islamic fundamentalists ..

But I know only one thing … Allah would never commend these heinous acts neither will Jesus Christ or Lord Shiva. ..and if Prophet Muhammad were alive he would preach peace and not mindless hatred against the innocent .

August - a season for apologies !


Well it certainly looks like the sorry season …. What this month of august has done I do not know but its certainly making everyone.. Well at least the Europeans apologetic about the past …. It was few weeks back the Danish minister of culture said sorry for the Viking attacks on the coast of Ireland approximately 1200 years ago i.e. around 700 A.D. while he was taking part in the celebrations as part of which few sailors rowed the famous Viking long boats from the Danish port to the coast of Ireland …
Whether it proved that the Danes are now sorry I’m not sure but it did prove that even after 2 millennia the long-boats are darn seaworthy ….

To me this seems far removed from logic but since when have politics, sensationalism have been on the same side as reason ….


And in the later half of the august.. The Britons jumped the bandwagon apologizing for the slave trade … London Mayor Ken Livingstone made an emotional apology Thursday for his city's role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade as he was speaking at London's first Annual Slavery Memorial Day ceremony… he said that London is still reaping the benefits of the slave trade and that there must be events organized all over England to mark …

I have one thing to ask the honorable mayor that … if you people are really sorry then there are better things to do than weep in public …

Find out , estimate the amount of money that was made by London during the dark days of slave trade … make a list of things you guys looted from the continent .. as all mineral resources belong to the nation state … and hand them over to the Africans…

Well that might seem like an impossible solution... so at least help the under developed nations by granting them a substantial aid and help them get a hold over their lives as they are battling HIV... Hunger … and so avoidable diseases …. Rather than create a sham all over England by holding press conferences and an “yearly UK wide event each year.”!!!

But then.. Saying sorry is much easier than that isn’t it … and if “The notoriously outspoken Livingstone seldom apologizes for anything “….. Weeps in front of a camera … its world wide news splashed all over newspapers …
well mayor you have done your part and made some of the Britons feel “REDEEMED “ .. by saying -“SORRY GUYS! “