17 June 2006

incredible india !!

INCREDIBLE INDIA !! ---- but still undermarketed.

i think its high time we start marketing india on a larger scale to the world, the tourism department of india has never been on the aggressive note and considering there's not much scope for 'income' not many ppl in the cabinet have shown interest for tht portfolio.

we can have a look and get inspired from the asian tigers - malaysia and singapore on how aggresively they have marketed themselves and the results are quite evident the tourism has increased two time over in just two years , this despite that tsunami tragedy in the east asia.

i have been recently to vizag and darjeeling ....and i cant in words dsecribe the beauty of darjeeling and surrounding places.
one can reach darjeling via siliguri or new jalpaiguri by train in west bengal , from there darjeeling is at a 3 hour amazing drive through tthe mountains.

Darjeeling stands at an altitude of over 8000 ft and is aptly called ' queen of hill stations ' . the toy train is the most famous thing of that place which moves slowly from darjeeling to jalpaiguri unravelling the himalayan beauty ...
it is rich with an exotic variety of flora and fauna with some animals like the clouded leopard which can be seen in the zoo ( its closest cousin to the now extinct saber toothed tiger , and its endeangered too ) well u cant see the musk deer there though .....and there were breath taking views while descending the hill to go to gangamaya park and rock garden ........ they are one of the best maitained parks i have ever seen .... ahead of bangalore's brindavan garden and ooty's botanical gardens . the clouds actually go past u , though ppl said that october is the best season to go there , i felt june was ideal.

one can also have a look at the gear which tenzing norgay lived till his end and also the gear which he and sir edmund hillary used during their famous conquest of mt . everest , all this at the himalayan mountaneering institute , whose chairman now is jyoti basu ( he gives the permissions to climb the everest by routes through india, so im told) . the next and last place i visited was lake mirik - it was located in a fairy tale setting , in midst of the mountains and clear water with clouds just passing over your head, one can go boating in this beautiful lake for half an hour.

this trip will remain as one of the best places i have visited, though due to lack of time , we could not visit gangtok .... well maybe next time