03 January 2010

A stranger once taught me something!

Once in a while there are incidents which keep coming back to you, mostly when you are alone. Either you were too stupid in that episode, or you were too smart, resulting in a smirk or ending in a smile!
One such incident happened to me while i was returning from my office more than an year ago! It was a long day and the next train to my place was around 45 minutes away. Unable to wait on the dark and mosquito ridden platform, i decided to board a train which goes close to my home so that i can catch an auto from there.

It was around 9:45 p.m. and apart from me another middle aged gentleman got down at the station. As we walked out , there was one solitary auto standing at the entrance. I was walking ahead of the gentleman and was thinking that i would have a long walk if i miss this auto.
Just when i was considering this, the other man broke into a sprint and caught the auto and sped away, leaving me feeling like a total loser! I was apprehensive that running for that auto might looka little uncivilised, just the way we contemplate a second helping of the dessert, at the place of an acquiantance we don't know too closely!
His sprint made me wonder, why was i bothering of what that stranger would think of me. I would never have met him again! He reminded me that it is ok to be a little self centred, as i have seen only those people being smug and in comfort while the altruists suffer in silence! Coming across such people who don't even flinch once in name of decency have forced me to reconsider my stance.
Just when i decided to get meaner and make the 'sprint' in the future, i come across those rare people who don't mind letting other people scramble and don't even complain about them. They don't mind sharing their pie, even to those who wouldn't share theirs with them!
Like always im again confused as to whose stance is right, so i keep meandering between the two paths, i sprint when i badly need it, i let go when i feel its ok to!

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Manik said...

Have u really reached a stage when u can make an apparently correct decision as to whether u have to sprint or if u cud let go??!
I haven't and still find myself at times in a difficult situation due to precisely the same dilemma!