28 June 2009

Micheal Jackson - King of pop R.I.P ! !

Moonwalking MJ

Yesterday when I was walking in Andheri Sports complex, I remarked to my friend that 13 years ago MJ had walked here and cast his spell on the audience… and promised to return which he could not keep. R.I.P M.J - The king of pop ! !

An era has come to an end. As they say … once in many decades are such people born who change the face of the world with their imagination, genius and creativity. When it comes to entertainment the fact that Micheal Joseph Jackson stormed the world and redefined Pop music and dance , goes undebated. Like his illustrious father-in-law his spectacular life was brutally cut short … was it by over dosage or a stupid doctor? The planet was waiting for his epic comeback ‘This is it’ on July 8th and just weeks before it, the tragedy struck. While we were waiting for him to redeem his career, his allegations and then retire in style.

He seemed to defy gravity, perform complex physical manoeuvres which would otherwise seem impossible… He produced music which will live on …long after he is gone! He inspired many generations, and so many of us have atleast secretly tried to mimic his moves… and have failed to do so.

A little known fact is that he also owns a patent on his name. This is regarding a specially designed shoe which allowed him to perform gravity defying steps .... remember Smooth criminal ? He practices devoutly and is a maniac for details .... he even gave up 2 meals a day to regain his dancer physique. Such perfection of course is never attained without sustained hardwork and passion.

Though its sad that while he was alive the entire world especially the media badgered him with mindless allegations and were constantly on him. The moment he is no more … everyone is flocking to pretend they are his true fans.
It is sad to see the toll the celebrity takes on the genius of a person. MJ … Curt Kobain…. Elvis .. Lennon … all the good ones seem to go early ... while Madonna still lives!

No tribute is worthy of u MJ … u live on forever in our hearts!