23 April 2010

R.I.P - Indian Cricket and Indians

The naxals are blasting away the policemen to hell and back. The terrorists are blowing up our markets, gunning down unarmed citizens at will. After more than 20 bomb blasts in just 3 years, there are not even 2 convictions with one certain Amir Ajmal making a mockery of our judiciary demanding transcripts in urdu and non vegetarian food in the cell. The Prices are zooming with the inflation threatening to rival that of Zimbabwe. The financial crisis seems to take the W shaped recovery. The exporters are badly hit by the global recession. Countries like China and the US are building up oil reserves and grabbing rights all over the world for the precious few resources. There are millions of unemployed, whose energies if not channeled properly with due opportunities, might turn against our nation state. There are major scandals erupting implicating the ministers at union level itself. The chief ministers like Mayawati and Madhu Koda are swindling public money in not less than thousands of Crores.

These are probably 1 % of the problems staring in the face of India, in no particular order. With so many issues plaguing our country which has succesfully been a 'developing nation' for over 65 years now … there is one thing that we are majorly concerned about… The Indian Premier League!
The naxalite issue was discussed in the parliament for one day with no particular conclusion … but the IPL muck is dominating the news channels, the parliament, discussions in local trains, school / college / office canteens. We don’t give a damn to any of the above glaring problems, but are concerned if some Sunanda Pushkar was given sweat equity for free.

There is one particular phrase in Sanskrit - “Yatha Raja tatha praja !” but unfortunately has been phrased in reverse … it should be “Yatha praja, tatha Raja” !
People get rulers they deserve. We certainly deserve no better than Lalu yadav , Mayawati, Sharad Pawar etc … etc !

Even if you look at the IPL from sporting perspective, the T20 format is more entertaining and good, but there ought to be some restraint, even from business perspective ... it is being overdone and the public interest will burn out in a few years.
The IPL is held every damn year and it runs over 2 months. The T20 world cup is held every 2 years and add to that the random cups and T20 tournies that are held every year. Whatever happened to the one day internationals and test matches where there was a proper contest between nations? The franchisee owners are raking in millions of dollars and also everyone is eyeing the money making machine. And the public will feed on anything related to cricket. We just don’t give a damn to whatever is happening in the background as long as we get our daily dose of entertainment. You could possibly blame the horrible programs and soaps dominating the TV that people are desperate to see anything different, which IPL succesfully provides in ample, nevermind the "I'm Dashing .. I'm Karbonn" kind of commercials after every ball instead of between overs as before.

So for million problems, what is the solution?
India is still a developing nation and our parents generation is probably the first which could provide good education and all modern day comforts to their children. Our generation will be more encouraging in terms of sports / entrepreneurship / other adventurous career options.

We don’t have in us to change the world, we care more for our comforts than changing the world… all that is fine, but can we atleast behave as responsible citizens.We need to be responsible as citizens, journalists, and do atleast our part!

Pretty random post meandering about many things? … ya I’m a lazy guy who just believes in comfort of armchair philosophy :D .

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