13 May 2007


Dubyaman wins ...he scores with his experience

well its the what-can-you-say-about-him Bush and our very own desi.. i am a GANDHI ... ...RAHUL GANDHI!!

i once read that its not exactly surprising that Bush a home grown Texan who once winked at Blair at a white tie ultra formal party and greeted him with
“YO Blair !! what’s up …. “ and also said to queen herself “ I am the black sheep of my family .. who’s yours” during her previous visit.
Bush has a gift of gaffe and I consider him one hilarious politician who keeps the world amused by his stupidities.. Which include pretending to read from a book holding it upside down ( in a class full of 1st grade students ) and trying to look through a binocular with their cap on … he is supposed to have addressed Greeks as greecians in his first ever presidential address , now what level of understanding can we expect from him about the external affairs and the world . that is one prime reason the war lobbyists were so successful in driving America into one of the bloodiest and unnecessary military campaigns since the WW 2 itself . Lets not debate the way they got into a peaceful country destroyed the fabric of law and order and are planning to quietly move away from there just because their army is having casualties in Iraq …. It was all about the oil politics and the want for control in the oil rich gulf and the Islam dominated Middle East or perhaps to get rid of the piling weapons in the US which worried their manufacturers.
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One the other side we have our own Rahul Gandhi … who has just begun dabbling in politics and harbors the dream of becoming the PM of India one day..( And that came from the Prime Minister himself that Rahul is your future !!!!…. )
If he hopes to hold the office someday I would rather him to earn it rather than claim it as his birth right the way he is doing it now, by trying to invoke the whatever is left of the Gandhi legacy ..

Two of his most outrageous statements were that Gandhi family was responsible for the split of Pakistan .. it was hushed up because it was not only humiliating for the congress party but for the whole country .. he just rubbished the entire diplomatic efforts of both countries .. its dangerous for ppl like him trying to hold the PMO as long as he keeps giving such irresponsible statements …. Many great wars were waged because of foolish statements from the ruling class . so , the mere thought that Rahul Gandhi is my future gives me a shudder ….
The other being that had his father been alive the demolition of babri would not have happened … !!!! Such a desperate move to woo the minorities …

I ask of Rahul Gandhi …. With all your brilliance ( so they say .. ) and your foreign degree .. all you can do is to dig up the past claim to be our future.. ???? is it that the best you can do is reciting the names of your great grandfather or your grandmother and then your father … ???!!!! let us gauge you by the vision ( if you have any ) and your plans for the future ..

And I can’t but have pity for the congress party .. all they have to offer us after a legacy of around a 100 years now ( ok.. close to 100 yrs now) …. Is an irresponsible young lad with a boyishly cute face but no wisdom (ok he’ s just 30 yrs old .. but he’s a wannabe PRIME !!! )