11 September 2009

Tale of 2 crashes!

This is about two deaths in aircrafts... one hardly drew any attention with no one noticing his name ... the other was the most televised event of the year!

They just keep saying that MIG(Mikoyan Gurevich) s are flying coffins. Yet they keep operating them. We have lost some of our finest pilots in such crashes.

Earlier they used to form headlines with some tabloids putting them on front page in blaring red.. nowadays they are mentioned a little apologetically and stashed away on the inner pages. RDB brilliantly portrayed the extent of rot in the Defence ministry and the procurements. One stint in any ministry and your generations to come will be taken care of. There apparently is no limit to the extent of corruption and nepotism.The swindling is in 1000 's of crores of public money. Now even the press is tired of reporting these incidents and even the public is bored to read about them.

The honorable minister of external affairs SMK and the twittering minister Shahsi Tharoor who pretends to be a saint on the twitter stays in 5 star hotels with rent as high as a lakh rupees per night.

Mr Tharoor - The public money you spend every night on stay alone can send 1000 more kids to schools for an year!

I also take this opportunity to pay homage to the ex CM of AP - YSR. Though he is reported to have swindled around 60,000 Crore rupees in past 6 years and though he tried to usurp the land of Tirumala Hills to build churches and use his power to spread Christianity and though he awarded major infra projects to his son and built a media empire for him ...

He was a man of masses ... he radically developed Cuddapah, his constituency, he brought in many schemes for the welfare of rural people, though populist, his schemes did benefit many rural people especially the BOP. He did a lot for the farmers of Andhra and just as he began working wonders for the people ... he met with an untimely death!

His death is a terrible loss to Congress , Cuddapah, and the people of Andhra Pradesh in that order. May his soul rest in peace and may his son turn out to be a blessing in disguise ... as his becoming a CM seems inevitable.

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