31 August 2009

M.A Jinnah split India. Period.

Sometimes people just love shooting in their foot. Once in the past Advani had done that to prove that he is a moderate. He confused both Pakistani’s and people back home. But since he is a major leader he got away with it as one rare mistake. He is 81 years of age and has lost his last elections and also the chance to become the Prime Minister of Indian Republic. This started the power struggle among the BJP senior leaders to become the next head. Jaswant Singh has long been in the waiting and got a feeling that he is being sidelined by others like Sushma Swaraj, MM Joshi and others who are close to the Sangh.

He was desperate and wanted to do something drastic which would swing things in his favour. Both of which could force a man to abandon his reasoning abilities and act with emotions. He took the radical step of writing a book on Jinnah and went to the extent of repeating Advani’s mistake, but also went ahead to criticise Sardar Patel. He not only shot himself in his foot, but also hacked it, and threw it away! BJP is without in a self destruct mode, now unless Congress really messes up this term or some wonderful leader comes to the rescue of BJP ... I guess we are heading on a road to becoming a unilateral party!

As far as Muhammad Ali Jeenah(this was how he used to sign his name) is concerned, he was a sorry and confused guy. He was jealous of Nehru and felt that he is not getting his due. The britishers were successful in nurturing his inferiority complex and self doubts. They planted the idea of two nations theory. It was initially turned down by the Mahatma and Mr Jeenah too! Gradually he was convinced that the only way he can become the ruler is to split India, else Nehru would sideline him after independence. So he was essentially he was a liberal to some extent, but his ego and selfishness dominated his senses. Had he been a selfless man like the Mahatma, history of the subcontinent would have been different.

As to why Nehru and Sardar Patel supported the partition, im clueless for lack of information!

So after partition, Jeenah got what he wanted hence the Quaid-e-Azam announced in the constituent assembly of Pakistan that people can practice their faith and their religion is not the business of the state.

If you had seen the Lion King you would remember the pack of jackals who surrounded the Lion King, used to influence his thoughts and finally led to his death attempting to save his son Simba. A similar thing happened to Jeenah. He was sidelined after the partition. But Jinnah wanted to organise plebiscite in Kashmir, and if they wanted to go to India, he was willing to agree. But others (the jackals) were against the idea.They wanted to separate Kashmir from India.

His trusted man Liaqat Ali Khan was killed. Jinnah was suffering from TB already, then complications in Lung cancer also developed and wanted to return from Quetta to Karachi. Quaid-e-azam was denied even an ambulance, and timely medical attention which could have saved his life. Since he was becoming an ideological threat to the jackals and was aiming at making Pakistan a softer state. Thus, he died a sorry death and could not enjoy the fruits of the separatist state he created and is misinterpreted widely.

His life is an example of the line “I slogged for it. I got it. Shit!”

Are you confused whether I like Jinnah, Well I think I pity him. I am fine with his ideology, but hate him for partitioning my happy country. I will never forgive him for being a weak man and misleading the muslims into believing they are insecure in India and leading them to live life of a Mohajir in Pakistan - a 2nd rate citizen! But my respect for the Mahatma has certainly increased over time. Though I disagree with him on few ideas … but then he was born 116 years before me… so Generation gap!

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