21 September 2009

Are we really Shining ?

This is the slogan which ruined a party and crashed the hopes of a PM hopeful. There have been a million theories that when a country is doing good in sports it means that it has arrived economically.

There's a reason for it... when a country has enough for its basic needs and a majority of its people are doing well, they start thinking about sports, different career options. They encourage their kids to play more sports as the pressure to take a job and start earning decreases. I know people who have performed at national and international level for India, but have taken the academic route and are my batchmates @ SP. This happened due to lack of availability of funds and the pressure to get a job.

But seeing that India is doign a very decent job at the international arena in al sports, i have a feeling that we started developing few years back, as such changes take time to manifest.

But still we have a lonnnng way to go!

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