18 July 2009

Hollywood vs Bollywood

Well i rarely write about movies .... everyone who has an opinion and had access to internet has already written reams about it. While i was watching Indiana Jones and the Crystal skull on my laptop today, i was wondering..... Btw i am a major fan of Indy ,probably because of my love of history, adventure.. or the subtle humor ... or the way he jumps across continents or a common hate for reptilians or fascination for his Fedora hat and his famous whip!

O.K .. i stop here ... the point here is not to sing praises of the movie,! But i was wondering about the budget of the movie .. it was $ 185 Million. I was comparing it with indian Sci-fi movies like Krrish or other mythological movies. The highest budget of an indian movie is the unfinished Dasavatharam of Kamal Hasan .. which was inaugurated by Her majesty Queen Elizabeth the second.

The most expensive Hollywood movie is Pirates of the Carribean: Worlds end which cost $ 300 Million i.e 1500 Crore Rupees.

The most expensive Indian movie is Dasavatharam with budget of 130 Crores. Now there are talks of "where are you Sophia" by Nagendra Karri from Visakhapatnam proposed to be of 150 crores.

We complain of the shoddy graphics and the cartoonish images and bad stunts! Well the average budget of a high flying Bollywood movie is around 40 - 50 crores. The talent one can get is also on that scale. The reason is simple, Hollywood movies earn so much too... POC 3 earned around Rs 4805 crores... go figure!

We can make reasonably good movies in budgets of 50 crores .... we have in the past... but we chose to make movies like Kambakht Ishq and Singh is King !!

The best talent in Bollywood , Lollywood, Kollywood and all the wother woods in India recieve meagre budgets of 1 - 5 crores, and they have done brilliant job with that. Most of the hits in past few months(barring the strike) have been low budget movies with brilliant scripts and storyline.

Bollywood: You can not complain that the viewership is falling by making crappy movies like KI, New York etc.

We proudly claim that we make largest number of movies in the world... true ! .... but numbers and statistics are like a Bikini, they hide more than they reveal!

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