07 May 2006

i am an engineer now!!

it all began six years ago. the dream of becoming an engineer began with the iits, those days were gruelling in 11th and 12th , but on the altar of a secure future the early teens were sacrificed , there was practically nothing but preparing for jee , that was a destiny i had chosen for myself , because i used to fancy engineers as ppl who do hi fi technical stuff.........like inventing something new or designing new processors or something..... after those entrance exams sucked half the life out of me ,

finally got into b.i.t mesra and before i knew four years flied past me , now im looking at the countdown with 1 on it.......... the last step of being an engrr -my project will be done, and i will be gone from b.i.t mesra -alma mater.

everything is fresh in my mind ,
wish life could just rewind,
let's laugh , play, and rejoice,
once again become college guys.

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