04 May 2006

age of empires...

age of empires is one of the most addictive i have played. we started playing this on lan last month and we have spent countless days and nights on it, usually the game extends hours together depending on the teams or the civilisations they chose.there were instances when we actually forgot to sleep( during holi hols) and instances when we missed having food in the mess, even our end sem exams could not dampen our enthusiasm and we manage to take out time for the game, the completion of the syllabus is but a secondary issue.

the regular warriors are:
manish dhelia aka xenom( mr.enthusiast- he is game for the game anytime of the day)
dharmesh meena aka kratos( baadshah- we r still trying to find ways to defeat him)
shishir tiru aka morgue man( tyro turned virtuoso)
pratik choudhuri aka zion( only one who can challenge meena in a duel)
shabda aka die slowly love(well the king visits but rarely)
prasun aka sabre truth( abhi abhi khelna seekha hai)
swaraj aka sword

and last but certainly not the least k(ami) k(aze) -------- yours truly.

the first game on lan was palyed between me and shabda,but with 12 days left to go from b.i.t , i believe this is one of the last oppurtunities we have, to play this game on lan.

we'll of coz chreish these battles ( the other ppl in lobby will too , they will vouch for it... hehe)


shabda said...

DieSlowlyLove aka WrathOfGhea aka RetalsR-Us.
Take a chill pill baby and practice. With enogh practice you will get in the league. AOE 3 is out. Get a life, even a virtual one, in AOE 3.

Dharmem said...

Cool Write Up ..Will remind us of the war era...Kartos and Shish would team up against all...later on kamikaze showed good tactics and had some terrific wins (obviously only when kartos was on his side)......Let the mid term end and we will go online man..!!!!!!