20 May 2006

20 constructive things to do in vacation

well 3 summer vacations have gone by at b.i.t and they were pretty long ........ 2 months
there was always heavy duty palnning, some wanted to learn programming
some hardware.

but two months were rtoo long to do nothing and too short to do anything really. so the days were spent infront of the idiot box or the stupid box. the afternoons were too hot to go out and the evenings too tempting to hangout at theatre or sm shopping mall.
now this is the last vacation probably when i hafta do nothing , really nothing.
just came back home with baggage both emotional and material.last two days were spent at yellow saphire and c.c.d, both time and money seem glide past by you , though the ambience is the only thing ppl go there for, u come out feeling a bit lighter in pocket and mind. what a plce to gossip wid frenz and if u r meeting them for last time..........

today we were searching a place to learn french , we searched ranchi high and low, there was one palce but the course starts when my vacation ends .......... so ruled out

then we went to icici to open a demat account but they need a pan number to open it .......... it takes 15 days to get it .............. so thats on hold now......

gosh luks like this summer 's not gonna be different from the last ones

for next 18 tips call me and ask .

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