13 April 2006

a record of its own sort....

this time in our col (thats b.i.t mesra ) there are probably maximum number of people who got calls from the gr8 and gr8 b schools and many have act converted them . most probably ( one's waitlisted) there will be 2 guys going to iim b and two to f.m.s delhi, and myself im still hanging on a waitlist in x.l.r.i.................

iimb .... perhaps it's what a lakh dream about every year and a lakh dont even dream of , one of my frenz remarked as it being harvard of india , wudnt be an exaggeration considering its only iim with international presence now.

perhaps its thanx to the over the top salaries the ppl got this year in the indian b schools mba is back with a bang louder than ever before , a crore rupees for an year . if it was me i would work like hell for an year and then happily retire and go globe trotting.
the hype has really got intense now , i was in a bus to my col and i heard two guys talking ' yaar ye isb mein admission kaise hota hai' i cudnt help but smile ... now mba has become an obvious destination for young india.

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