09 April 2006

its about me ....

though i belong to vizag i have been travelling throughout india since my father has a transferable job with canara bank... i spent my initial years of schooling in hyderabad then moved to the city of the taj. staying in agra gave me a chance to visit all the places of mughal influence . funny it seems now that in distant past , a nomadic tribe captured the seat of power in delhi for centuries together only to be dislodged by another foreign power , imperial one this time . indian past is a classic example of "divided we fall" , and divided we fell not once but again and again ... india they say is the only country not to have made an agression on any other country in some 10,000 years or so... the position of our country is so favorable that we never needed to look out for anthing , we had most fertile of the soils and also abundantly blessed with minerals ( not uranium though im talking about past if u have noticed....hehe) . this also sortof explains our population which till recently was considered a liability is now turning into our asset and a liability to other countries population ( in bpo's if u dont get it)

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