24 April 2006

truly unbelievable !!

its just about the recent movie i saw " schindlers list" . amazing would rather be an understatement , but that was kinda expected from spielberg..... though it was shot in b& w and is 3 and half hours long, each moment of it is gripping .
i was reading about the jews in encarta about their history , they were probably thrown out of every possible place , well they did a mistake instead of going to poland they mustave fled to india like the parsees , atleast they wudn't have been murdered in millions. but the sheer fact that 60 lakh ppl were killed in a span of just 4 years is staggering .

they were kicked out of their home byt the babylonians first and their city was destroyed ( to remember this tragedy the jews crush a glass object when they marry , to resemble the demolition of their first temple of solomon) . then the roman emperor drove them out , they settled in various places like spain , france etc, but even there they were not in peace and they were banished (!yes!) by the self proclaimed civilised nation - britain. they had somewhat peace in spain before they persecuted there too by king ferdinand and queen isabella. they migrated in large numbers and concentrated in poland . and then .......... started the largest and worst genocide in history of mankind , by adolf hitler.

the way the protagonist of the movie- oskar schindler saves 1100 jews , at his personal risk and cost of millions of duetsche marks was moving .

we need such exmplary people in todays world too , hatred still at large in the balkans , in palestine, and of course in india peninsula.

we ppl claim to be civilised and educated and still dont give a damn for human lives( look at iraq!) . we shud atleast change now and learn to co-exist in peace .

p.s- please leave the jews in peace atleast now . the arabs shud learn to live with them.

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