02 December 2007

Racism … what’s this all about !

What has been puzzling me since the times I have read about the theory of evolution is that how did various the races come into existence … whether the evolution happened independently on various continents thus giving different physical and psychological traits to the people... Or whether homo sapiens were evolved from same.. The ones we call Adam and Eve and due to the various geographical and climatic factors have evolved differently.. As we can see.. As we go closer to the equator the height decreases and the skin color darkens … and various other changes …

But the reason I am discussing this is to analyze the various reasons which are causing tensions and strife among the different races … for e.g.: the recent furore in Malaysia where the govt is being alleged to being racial and mistreating the Indians there.. or case of the Tamils being ill treated in sri lanka .. tensions between Serbs and Croats .. the tensions between the northerners and southerners in Belgium which is threatening to split the country.. and the Muslims and the Russians in Chechnya … or the ever green one between the fair skinned westerners and the African American and the Asians… in Europe , and the US .

Naturally when any one of foreign descent settles down in a country there are reasons they might be ill treated or some cases even threatened of life …
In some cases because of the colonialism and the slave trade .. resulted in the transport of the Asians and the Africans across the continents which lead to a sizable minority population in the western country, and also in some of the south Asian countries like Fiji and Malaysia….in such cases the people deserve treatment equal to that of the locals .

But im puzzled by the behavior of the people who emigrate from their native countries to western countries in hope of better living style and money... they struggle to get there and some times even use unfair means and methods to achieve that end .. and finally try hard to settle down …

Searching for a better life is agreeable, but how can the minority population dictate the majority when they have , by their own choice , migrated to the country .. the locals have never invited them ! When the minority travels to settle down in foreign nations they should be ready to adopt the customs and lifestyles of the people native to that place .
In case they are unable to do so, they should find means to live in their own country where they would given the first preference....

I’m not justifying the racist attitude.. but I’m just saying that people- if u r not comfortable in foreign countries .. Why are you desperate to live there leaving behind your friends and relations back home ? In case you prefer the better lifestyle over all that , you should be ready to adapt to the conditions there - unquestionably .. becoz after all “u gotta be a roman if u wanna live in rome !”

If we try to list the reasons people fight over …
Caste (that’s an additional reasons to fight if u stay in India)
Gender (sometimes)

it all boils down to two things

Its all about money honey!

And Domination … power they say is the most powerful aphrodisiac.. who does not love to rule over others .. Citing any of the above reasons as an alibi !

With the human population increasing at an exponential rate … and the resources decreasing at a faster rate if not equal …The fights are bound to get bitter as the resources get scarce … some optimistic stasticians claim that the populations will stabilize around 2025 or 2050 ….i hope that is true, if there has to be any chance of humanity surviving this Millenium !

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Suchintya said...

Very well put KK. It all boils down to dominion, as has been the case since time immemorial. You should find sometime and read Jared Diamond's thoughts on this.

On the other point of migration to foreign lands in search of better living standards, people tend to forget that the locals there have that kind of standards because of the way they live, behave, breathe. And just as the Zoroastrian did centuries back when they arrived in India, we must try to be the sugar in the milk in the foreign land.

Keep writing. Cheers!!!