30 October 2007

Mukesh ambani - we all are Proud of U !

Well whole world stand upright and take a bow!! The richest man on the earth is an Indian!!!! A citizen of the so called developing 3rd world country …… Dhirubhai forged an empire which made an indian family the richest one to be so in the world.These 2 sons have surely made their dad proud . Dhirubai .. i salute you for having created so much wealth for urself and for the investors and stock holders! fwe more like u in india and soon we wont be flocking to the DevelopED countries !

Who would have dreamed as recently as 2 years back that the richest man would be an Indian .. even to the most fantastically optimistic people it would have seemed improbable .. with Carlos slim helu and Ambani now among the richest 3 … the developing countries have arrived on the international arena of business.. well for those who argue that it is driven by stock market .... so are Bill gates and Walmart guys !
It is a different fact that if MS share price drops by 1 $ wealth of bill will drop by 2 billion $ .. but thats an accepted way of how stock markets work .I have never been able to digest the fact that so much money seems to have been generated without nothing actually have been produced . (it should ideally be a zero sum game in the lonnng run , but then the share prices will never drop to their face value ... atleast in most of cases ;) .. )eg : so is real estate .. nothing is produced still prices keep rocking .That's the game of suply and demand !

With the acquisitions made by the Tatas and the Birlas not to forget the great Mittal of arcelor –mittal … the Indian businessman surely means business now– in his own way !

To those doomsayers who question about whether you can say that India is rising, shining et al – my answer is that -for a so bizarrely diverse and immensely populated India ,it will take an infinitely long time before you can say that every Indian is reaping the benefits and securities of a zooming economy. The closest we can get to that state is in slow but sustained steps .

But is the BSE sensex is a true indicator of the development of the country - ?

In a way it is. It shows that Indian countries are doing well and are expanding their businesses and are giving good returns to the investors. Thus all the foreign investors are pulling their money out of other markets and pushing them to India ,which is so promising. The sensex being based on only 30 listed shares might not in totality depict the correct economic picture but it surely gives a feel good factor which mite in turn drive our economy by attracting investment ! so keep up the good job sensex and congrats for being the 20th index to cross the magical 20K figure .

We have come a great distance. But the woods are still too dark and deep
And we have a billion promises to keep!
We have miles to go and we should certainly never sleep!

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