27 October 2006

abu salem contesting in u.p !!!!!!

i cant even believe this even while im typing it ...... abu salem is contesting the u.p elections

those who still cant believe it :

the bugger who was behind the mumbai bomb blasts , who was the cause of death of so many indians ..... who is facing somthing close to death sentence for his anti- national activities is about to contest elections in the u.p .....!!!

i dont know if its ridiculous but its certainly DISGUSTING !!
the very idea of abu salem in gandhi topi and khadi , canvassing in the streets of U.P is revolting.

it seems he already has the backing pf shiv sena and now even mulayam sing h is about to support him . the indian police had a helluva time trying to get him extradited to india from portugal ...and now abu salem must be having quite a laugh , as they will be the ones assigned to protect him once he's sworn in as the m.l.a.....
i can't imagine which way we are going having people like rajju bhaiya and abu salem as our representatives ...

i have only one plea to the supreme court... please save a billion people from embarrassment , and a lot more things and kindly put a stop to this outrageaous idea. hang him before it gets out of the hand and inspires other gangsters

well going by our track record ... we have sent people like phoolan devi, rajju bhaiya and many more to the l.s and r.s .... so perhaps even abu salem !!

so DAWOOD please dont come to india - these people might make you our prime minister .....
then we all have the only option of mass rebellion or mass suicide..

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shabda said...

*Don* salem ka jeetna mushkil hi nahi, almost certain hai.