10 October 2006

world politks

the world politics have interested me , bored me but what they never failed to do was to amuse me. consider the recent nukes test by north korea ....

all the nations which were among the first to condemn the tests are the very nations who sit upon the largest stockpiles of nuclear arsenal . i have never been able understand on what moral grounds does u.s ask for sanctions against other nations when it has conducted the largest number of tests for deadliest weapons.

and the most surprising was the acerbic statement by india- how can they forbid what they themselves did, - start an arms race in the subcontinent even though for its own safety . the only answer possible is - it wants tot please th U.S so tht its nuclear deal is not in jeopardy .

considering other fronts also ....
the U.S carries out the largest researches for environment pollution , it has largest number of environmentalists and yet its the largest producer of greenhouse gases even though it has a smaller %age of the population. here again the bigshot industrialists of the u.s rule.

so in the end who is it that rules the world - ( its not the U.N even kindergarten kids would know tht )

finally it all boils to the U.S voters - and the populist politics in u.s and sometimes dangerously - the whims and fancies of their president . who in an instant can finish a full fledged country and eliminate millions on the grounds that they MAYBE terrorists and a threat to the American population.

Bush said " u r either with us or against us"..... for the rest of the world its a choice worser the choice between the DEVIL and the DEEP BLUE SEA.

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