05 July 2015


CUISINE: Bali also A Unique Cuisine, dominated by sea-food of great variety. Though I would make many waiters uncomfortable by asking for vegetarian options.
They can make some of the dishes vegetarian by not adding Chicken/Shrimp to you. I tried the NASI GORENG and NASI CAMPUR and a few other options where they substituted meat for veggies for us.

There are many Indian restaurants too - Queens Tandoor, food’s good, but over priced!
As we didn’t have 2/3 days to spare for Gilli islands (supposedly most scenic)… we chose Lembongan islands.
After a  45 min Ferry ride (we climbed onto top of the Ferry – Fabulous ride!) we reached the Lembongan islands. There are multiple diving sites strewn around these tiny islands with sea and mountains on all sides, giving it a legendary view on any side.

We hopped onto a jeep which took us to the very end of the island at a diving site. It was an idyllic village where the women seemed to do most of the work. Some men were working as diving instructors, rest were playing cards/chilling with a drink/smoke in their hands!!
I immediately fixed on this island to settle down post retirement!!!
The instructors led us into the sea on a boat and we jumped into the sea with the Snorkelling gear. IT was a breathtaking experience to swim with the fishes and amongst the coral reefs. The weather was perfect for the dive and we could spot a few star fishes, Sea anemone – almost a page  out of the 20,000 leagues under the sea!
Will move on, as I can’t do justice to it in words.
The island is a “PERFECT” place to laze around the whole day with a book in your hand, lying on the couches by the shore. You can even sip a gigantic coconut which took us almost 15 mins to complete!

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