17 May 2009

India votes congress to power !

Coalition politics will doom India someday!

India is a country with a billion problems and a billion possible solutions. Hence even the simplest things are complicated to a great extent. In such conditions it is in the best interests of our country to have a definite government.

Economic recession, Terrorist attacks, acute shortage of infrastructure, frequent natural calamities, increasing energy demands and four neighbouring countries which are in a pretty bad state. …

In face of all these we need a decisive government which can take a firm stand and work in the best interests of the country without a compromise. With due respect to the intellect and stellar academic qualifications of our prime minister, I feel that the post of a ‘Prime’ minister is primarily a role of leadership. He should be able to guide the party and also the coalition in a direction. He also determines the government policies to a large extent. He not only needs to have a command over his cabinet, but also needs to command their respect! Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case.

Gandhian National Congress:

Indian National congress is a party full of typical Indians – constantly bickering among themselves, full of internal coteries and politics, extremely sycophantic ( Who can forget ‘Indira hi India, India hi Indira’ .. and the drama of every leader crying and begging a reluctant foreign lady, who is refusing; to become our prime minister ! ). However as days passed my hatred towards junior Mrs G turned gradually into admiration. She conducted herself quite gracefully, accepted India and its ways and has managed to silence all her critics.

I am still however quite sceptical of the capabilities of Rahul Gandhi. He has not demonstrated any maturity and comes across as a person too dumb and shy to become our premier. His surname can make him say ‘Prime ministership is my birth right and I shall have it!’ He gives out quite confused statements, and has failed to impress us by his intellect.

Left is no more left!

Left parties have shot themselves not only in their foot but all over! They had managed some 50 odd seats by chance in their previous elections. Instead of consolidating their hold, they have displayed horrible political sense. The fiasco over Tata motors put a permanent dent on the image of Bengal, and by opposing the nuclear deal vehemently; they have alienated the urban voters too. Though the communism has collapsed all over the world, they still cling to the ancient ideologies and threaten to push India back to pre- liberalisation era!

‘Haar’tiya Janata party:

This is one party which is an epitomy of brand confusion. In the beginning years the Hindu card had worked to an extent. But in this rapidly changing era how can they focus their agenda on hindutva still!

They should vehemently deny being a communal party and sue anyone who says that again. They should totally focus on development front. They should now also give a rest to the Sonia being a foreigner – We won’t buy it anymore!

Its tough for a person like Advani whose image is firmly in people’s minds as a Hindutva spearhead to become a prime ministerial candidate. It’s a pity however that India’s best administrator and orator is tainted with the paint of Godhra! I hope we will see him as a PM someday. However he too should totally shun the Hindutva agenda and project his developmental activities. To win in Rural areas – Now BJP really needs to do its homework here!!!

I hope congress speeds up the reforms and acts tough on terror, asserts India on international forums well, and provides a stable government for next 5 years. I swear I will vote the next time!

Andhra assembly elections:

There have been two biggest shocks. One is congress winning clear majority and PRP losing horribly. In the beginning of establishing his party Chiranjeevi claimed that he would win 160 + seats by himself and become the chief minister in NTR style. Alas, there were a million problems which led to his downfall:

1. NTR rode on a telugu pride when there was no regional party. He drove home the telugu sentiment due the congress chief ministers acting as puppets to the congress govt at the centre. This was totally missing in Chiranjeevi campaign.

2. There were many internal tussles within the party and the party cadre was not motivated enough.

3. There were no right candidates in PRP to stand for elections.

4. Times have changed and the voters have too, it’s not so easy to con them, and film stars can’t directly become the kings anymore.

Congress will again perpetrate corruption to a level never known before. YSR will write the remaining half of the state onto his son’s name. They will hunt down the remaining few rural cadre of TDP.

But they must now be repenting for burning all the files in the secretariat, as they might not have expected to come back to power and face this situation!

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