29 October 2007


one fine day i woke up and said this to myself ....

"either get ahead with technology or be left far behind.
in 21st century the most dangerous thing you could do is to ignore technology, there maybe a million comanies giving out either their services or manufacturing products , but the only way to get ahead the competetion is either by delivering products or services which are far superior in comparision in terms of quality or by making your prices unbeatable.
For doing either of the two you need better technlogy. for cutting costs u need it and also you need it inevitably for improving your product or for enhancing the features.
There were times when i used to think that that this field is not my cup of tea and also there were occasions when i told my friends that im gonna get out of it .
but wherever you go u have to keep urself updated on th most recent developments, becoz in this flat world information is available to everyone and it's upto u whether u get updated or deleted .
the google success story has been by far the most interesting one i have read and im only lefft in shock and awe when i think about it . im an engineer and since now i m working with a sw company the only field that i can think about when i want to startup someting iis in the filed of technology and then i have to acquire a new skill and then come out with an idea that 's both presentable and can make money and practicable.
even if i can get into some other field i have to learn latest methods and invest big time in r&d . love it hate it the only thing u can not afford to do it is to ignore it. "

i have seen it in most of my friends and since all of them were engineers .. it was a bit sad to note that most of them are ruing their current jobs in technical lane .. myself included ...

but even if you want to get of that field .. u need to keep urself updated .. coz in this age of cut-throat competetion .. u need to differentiate yourself from the crowd !

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